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The birth of artificial intelligence(AI)  AI is a relatively new field in science & engineering.It was started in 1950. Alan Turing* wrote in his article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence and introduced the Turing Test, machine learning, genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning.

John McCarthy first coined the term "Artificial Intelligence" in 1956 at Dartmouth conference, where a two month workshop was conducted on automata theory, neutral nets and study of intelligence.


     **Alan Turing(1912-1954)is called father of computer science and Artificial Intelligence**


About AI-

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AI is an area where computer science and engineering emphasis on creation of intelligent systems that can work and react like humans. A lot of research has been carried on since then, artificial intelligence researchers took ideas, view points and techniques from various fields like philosophy, mathematics, economics, neuroscience, psychology, computer engineering, operation research, control theory probability and logic etc.


Things can be done by AI-

AI has advanced very rapidly in the past decade because of greater use of science, engineering and mathematics in experimenting and comparing approaches. AI research also overlaps with tasks such as robotics, control systems, scheduling, data mining, logistics, speech and facial recognition etc.


Implementing Artificial Intelligence-

AI is successfully implemented in:-

->Robotics Vehicles

->Speech recognition tools

->Game playing

->Autonomous planning and scheduling

->Logistics planning


->Machine Translation

->Machine Vision

->Natural language processing


Philosophers views on AI-

They are trying to find the answers to questions, will machines be able to act intelligently as humans? and if they did, would they have real and conscious mind? What will be the ethical implications of intelligent machines?



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All AI researchers should be concerned 

with the ethical implications of their work. It is the moral responsibility of redirecting their research to the positive side of AI. AI and related  technologies however seems to pose some fresh problems like-

->People might lose their jobs

->People might have too leisure time etc

but all these threats are hypothetical and can be combated with scientists and engineers who work on AI and related technologies. They should think and act in a way that is beneficial for mankind and society.


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