Cyber : Security and Crime

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Cyber Security-

Security is an important issue for all modern information systems. The process of protecting computer resources such as networks, devices, programmes and data from unauthorised access, damage or attack is called cyber security.

Confidential data and privacy must be safe guarded and the computer or android system must be protected against malicious acts of theft or disruption. Unfortunately, the number of cyber crime is rising around the whole world. 

Reasons of increasing cyber crimes are:-

* Increase in use of internet

* Lack of awareness

* Multi-pronged attack

* Existing loopholes in software

* Untrained internet users


Cyber Crime:-

When we talk about cyber crime the first question comes in our mind is - 

What is cyber crime ?

Cyber crime is a criminal activity in which computers are used to do crime. Most cyber crimes are carried out in order to gain personal profit. But some people break security only to check their own skills in the field of computer science.


Types of cyber crime-

There are various types of cyber crime some of them are:-


Data diddling refers to the process of changing the data going into or out of computer . For example- A student breaks into his/her university's or college's grade recording system and changes the grades he/she scored in last class or semester (exams held in every six months), thus raising his/her grade point average.



This crime is committed againsts telephone companies by using computers with the main goal of making free distance calls, impersonating directory assistance or other operator services, diverting calls to numbers of the perpetrator's choice, or tapping phone lines.



This refers to a fraud  in which scanners are used to steal the electronic serial numbers of cell phones , which may be used for billing purposes and making broadcast calls, with stolen serial numbers of cell phones, clones can be  made to make free calls that are billed to owner of the original cell phones. 



This refers to a process of stealing credit card numbers online, to be resold or used to charge merchandise against the victim's account.


Important note

*[When we are doing online banking, we should check whether the url or link of that  particular site starts from http(hypertext transfer protocol) or https(hypertext transfer protocol secure) if it starts from https then it means that  site is secure and if it starts from http then it means that  site is not preferable to do online banking]*


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Hacking:- Computer hacking is a practice of modifying computer hardware and software to accomplish a goal  outside the creator's original purpose. People who engage in hacking activities are often called hackers. 

The term hacker is divided into two categories:-

1) Black hats (computer criminals)

2)White hats ( computer security experts)

Some organisations actually employ computer hackers as part of their technical support staff. These individuals use their skills to find flaws in the company's security system so that they can be repaired quickly.In many cases,this type of computer hacking helps prevent identity theft and other serious computer-related crimes. 

The term hacker is reclaimed by computer programmers who argue that someone breaks into computers is better called a cracker. Cracker is a contentious word used for those computer specialists who do cyber crime and who exploit loopholes of the system and gain access.

CRACKERS:- Hackers, who are out to steal personal information, change an organisation's financial data, break security code, steal credit cards number, etc to gain unauthorized network access or conduct destructive activities are called crackers.

Software cracking is considered illegal and cracked software is often called pirated software. We should

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not use pirated software.


-[If any cyber crime is done with you. Call the nearest cyber police]-      

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