The Copper age : An aspect of History


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Chalcolithic period- 

The Chalcolithic period, or Copper Age, was an era of transition between the stone tool-using farmers of the Neolithic and the metal-obsessed civilizations of the Bronze Age. The Copper Age was really a phenomenon of the eastern Mediterranean regions, and occurred from roughly 3500 BCE to 2300 BCE.

The word (chalcolithic)is a name that is derived from two Greek words "khalkos" which means "copper" and from "lithos"whioch means "stone". Copper age is also known as the Eneolithic or Aeneolithic is an archaeological period which researchers usually regard as part of the Broader Neolithic.

---------------------------------------------------------Beginning of Chalcolithic period- 

The Chalcolithic or Copper Age is the transitional period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. It is taken to begin around the mid-5th millennium BC, and ends with the beginning of the Bronze Age in the late 4th to 3rd millennium BC, depending on the region.

Discovery of copper-

The discovery of copper dates from prehistoric times. There are reports of copper beads dating back to 9000BC found in Iraq. Methods for refining copper from its ores were discovered around 5000BC and a 1000 or so years later it was being used in pottery in North Africa.


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